Gift Card for Business

Set up your perfect
corporate gift for your
customers, partners, and

Place Business Order

Suitable For Every Occasions!

Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program
To compliment your local customer and encourage them to repeat purchase
Promotional Program
Promotional Program
To support your marketing promo and customer acquisition program
Business Gift
Business Gift
To strengthen your relationship with partners and business associate
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
To appreciate your employee’s achievement
Corporate Travel
Corporate Travel
To simplify your employee’s travel expenses

Why Gift Card for Business?

Easy To use
Cost Efficient
Element of Toughtfulness
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How to buy RedDoorz Corporate Gift Card

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1. Click "Place Business Order"/"Order Now"
2. Fill up the necessary data
3. Our team will reach you for further confirmation
4. Complete the payment
5. Now you have the Reddoorz Gift Card!
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Get an additional discount for business
purpose and corporate purchase
Order Now
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Share your happines with your
customers and employees.
Complement your employees, partners,
and customers best experiences.


RedDoorz Gift Card is prepain voucher you can give
To your customer, guest, friend, family and loved one as a gift.

RedDoorz Gift can be used to book
RedDoorz room via our Apps without minimum payment.

You can buy RedDoorz Gift Card from
our website, apps, and corporate sales team.

Unfotunatelly, RedDoorz Gift Card
purchase is non-refundable.

The RedDoorz Gift Card will be valid
for 6 month after being used.

Unfortunately, RedDoorz Gift Card can be redeemed
on advanced payment only at the moment.

Yes of course! You just need to pay the remining amount.

Yes, we have Gift Card for business for corporate/business purpose.
Gift Card for business available with special rate for your company.

Gift Card receiver will receive an email or a message to claim
RedDoorz Gift Card and they can follow the step below:

1. Open Reddoorz apps and choose the room from you want to book.

2. Insert Gift Card code in the booking summary page before
proceed to the payment. The amount will reduced
automatically according on Gift Card nominal.

3. Finish the payment if there are any remaining amount to pay.

1. Each Gift Card is valid to 6 months for booking any travel date with no minimum

2. Gift Card can only be redeemed once.

3. Multiple Gift Card codes can’t be used together, only can be used for separate bookings.

4. Gift Card cannot be applied on Room Sale.